Credit the British For the Spread of Bespoke Custom Suits

The British bespoke custom suit

In a small section of London you will find the district who’s reputation for exceptional tailoring has help kick start the custom suit trend. Savile Row and Jermyn Street is the birth place of the bespoke custom suit universe. Home to such custom suit makers such as Gieves and Hawks, Norton and Sons, Hardy Aimes, Kilgour, Savile Row houses the absolute best British bespoke custom tailors and designers the world over. the reputation is well earned as many of these tailors are preceded by over a hundred years of experience and have made clothing for many personalities considered to be the best dressed, form The Duke of Windsor to Prince Charles (the current best dressed man in the world). This is the exact reason that the rest of the world has taken note and followed suit (no pun intended). While the Italians are known for their ground breaking design, The British are known for the craftsmanship and tradition built into every one of their bespoke suits.

The British cut suit custom suits nj

The most common and requested cut of suit today is still an Italian cut but what most people do not know is that the current “Italian cut” suits you find off the rack have a lot of styling and design cues borrowed from the traditional British bespoke suit. Here are some of the hallmarks of the British cut:


  • Its a fairly relaxed fit garment. It gives waist suppression via the tapering of the waist and skirting of the hips rather than just being tight like the original Italian cut does. Usually you will find the British suit with dual vents which allows for more range of movement.
  • High cut arm holes. It seems counter intuitive but the high cut arm holes actually give of much more freedom of movement than a lower cut arm eye.
  • Light padded shoulders. this allows the garment to follow the shape of the wearer and move with their body.
  • Custom touches. Its been called the London look, small details like contrasting lining and monograms and hidden patterns,all put there to entertain the wearers fancy. These are little luxuries afforded by British bespoke custom suits as the customer has control of almost every detail in the design.
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