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Do you want to buy a LCD television? Find out here what you need to know before buying a LCD television. In this article, you will discover what makes the best technology to buy, as well as how to find them at the best prices. Let us jump right into it!

CRT televisions are old. The technology is as old as dinosaurs. CRT televisions were big and bulky. Try picking one up, and you should receive medals!

LCD television is the latest and best. It is best for a number of reasons. Yes, there is plasma, but for many the LCD televisions have become the most popular, and for good reason. lg 43 inch smart led tv

Unparalleled in comparison. LCD televisions are at the forefront of technology. You can get a LCD television and see an immense difference in picture quality, not only that, but they weigh much less than CRT models.

The prevailing technology today is high definition television. And buying a HDTV LCD television, is the best route.

They come in several types, and you may hear words such as 1080p, 1080i and 720p, 720i. This stands for the resolutions. And the higher is better. So 1080p is much better than 720p. However another point needs to be brought to mind, and that is that of the i and the p.

What these stand for is a difference in technology. For example p stands for progressive, whereas the i stands for interlaced. Progressive is a better technology, the interlaced versions can flicker when used with computers and laptops.

Another point to look at is if it works with your existing equipment. For example if you have satellite or cable, you will want to make sure that it works with the particular LCD television you are looking to buy. Most of the time this information can be found when purchasing.

You can buy LCD televisions from a number of places. Local television stores and consumer electronic stores stock them. To find great bargains though, try looking online.

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