Start Early With Training A Golden Retriever Puppy

A retriever puppy is undoubtedly one of the cutest and most affectionate puppies to have around the home, that is if they are not creating too much havoc. That is why it is important to start training a golden retriever puppy as soon as he comes to his new home. First job is to get the puppy ‘potty trained.’

These puppies can remain immature for the first few years of its life and this is the time when you need to give it plenty of attention and care as they are a bundle of energy and need affection all the time, but at the same time they need to learn their boundaries.

These puppies need enough food to satisfy their appetite and a diverse choice of toys to keep them entertained. Training a golden retriever puppy and proper grooming methods can definitely help it to become one of the most well behaved puppies.

A retriever puppy goes through different stages of learning according to their development. Until the 4th week from their birth, these puppies do very little other than eat and sleep. It is only after the fourth week that their eyes and ears develop and they are more capable of leading an active and mobile life. It is not until the fifth week that you might notice your puppy’s teeth to be fully developed and they begin to use them to show their dominance.

When Should I Start Training A Golden Retriever Puppy?


    • Training a golden retriever puppy in personality development only begins after the fifth week and at this point puppies need to have a proper training routine that will help them to mature into adulthood and be an obedient dog. Training your retriever puppy with basic skills will help them to be a happier dog in the future. A retriever puppy usually learns all its basic skills and social life from its mother and litter mates. However, if you have just brought home a puppy to be your pet, then you need to contribute to its major skill learning.


    • It is not until the eighth week during training a golden retriever puppy that they learn their manners and major skills like social interaction and bite inhibition. However, simple skills can be taught to these puppies until they attain the age for major skill recognition. golden retriever puppies colorado


    • Basic hygiene skills are the very first training sessions that you must be giving to your puppy. A retriever puppy is a very hygienic animal and does not like to dirty the place where it eats or sleeps. Hence, a little care from you can help them maintain a hygienic life. Providing a litter box or having access to outside needs to be recognized as the place to do its business.


  • Teaching your puppy basic food eating manners are the most tactful training sessions and should be given when they are young and willing to learn. Puppies should be taught not to dive into the food dish but should patiently wait for their food to arrive and carefully eat it without littering.


One must remember that a retriever puppy has a very good memory and every command name should be predetermined so that your puppy can recognize it even in the future and act accordingly. Changing command names during training might confuse the dog and lead to furious situations, this is why the whole family needs to learn the command skills so that everyone uses the same ones for the same purpose.

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